Turn a New Hobby into a New Business

Whether you're new to crafting or running a small business, HC Customs and Blanks is your "go-to" store for all of your supplies.

Studio Workshops

Studio Workshops

Studio Workshops

Let our "Fun Pilots" guide to from painting to assembling your new... 

  • Sublimation Accessories

    Along with Sublimation blanks, we also carry all of the tools you'll need. Heat tape, shrink wrap sleeves, heat resistant gloves, sublimation paper, and more.

    Sublimation Accessories 
  • Acrylic Social Media Signs

    These signs are perfect for table at craft shows or on retail counters. Let your customer scan the QR code to be taken directly to your social media pages or payment options. Email sales@hccustomsandblanks for more info.