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HC Customs and Blanks LLC

Bunny With Sublimation Shirt

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These plush stuffed animals will warm the hearts of everyone allowing you to personalize the perfect gift for your favorite child. Transfer your design on the white 100% polyester t-shirt which is included.

Preheat press to 390°, Adjust pressure to Medium *, Heat for 45 seconds.

Sublimation Directions:

1. Lay a Teflon sheet or “blowout paper” on the bottom of your heat press.

2. Clean the surface of your product with a Lint Roller to remove any fibers.

3. Place product on top of printed transfer and secure with heat tape or repositionable adhesive spray.

4. Place your product face up on the Teflon or blowout paper already on the heat press. 5. Cover with either blow-out paper or a second sheet of Teflon. 6. After pressing for the allotted time, open the press